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Sam Smith Does It Again

I’ll say this time and time again: Sam Smith is an incredibly talented artist and this cover of Bruno Mars’ “When I was Your Man” just reiterates that fact.



Music Monday – Covers Edition

I recently stumbled upon this acoustic cover Ed Sheeran did of “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap.  Well, it’s been on repeat all weekend and I can’t stop listening to it so I figured I’d dedicate this ‘Music Monday’ post to covers. I love a good cover song, the more acoustic the better. Here are a few of my favourite covers – enjoy!

1. Ed Sheeran – Trap Queen.  You can also listen to the original here, just to hear the difference.

2. Louisa Wendorff – Blank Space/Style Taylor Swift Mash-Up

3. Hozier – Problem (originally by Ariana Grande)

4. Sam Smith – How Will I Know (originally by Whitney Huston)

I’d like to say I hate leaving this post at just four songs but this time it’s quality over quantity.

Enjoy, my loves!

Music Monday

I love alliterations. I also love lists. You’ll learn if you stick with me through this blog that I like to post in the form of lists. It’s easier for me to organize my thoughts that way. I don’t love that I called this post ‘Music Monday’ (not original at all) but it seems pretty fitting since it’s one, about music and two, I’m posting it on Monday.  Anyways, I have a pretty diverse taste in music (as you’ll find out shortly).  Fun fact: the only concert I’ve ever been to is an Iron Maiden concert with an old boyfriend a few years back.  Let me share with you ten songs that I can’t stop listening to and strongly recommend you check ’em out!

1. ‘That’s My Kind of Night‘ by Luke Bryan

2. ‘Someone New‘ by Hozier

3. ‘X‘ (the whole album) by Ed Sheeran – yes, I know this is the whole album and not a single song but it’s been on repeat for the past three weeks, so it is a must on this list.

4. ‘Won’t Look Back‘ by Duke Dumont

5. ‘Could Have Been You‘ by Joss Stone

6. ‘Love You‘ by Maxwell

7. ‘Breakup in a Small Town‘ by Sam Hunt

8. ‘Wonderwall‘ cover by Ryan Adams

9. ‘Endless Summer‘ by Mikey Wilson – this is an hour long mix that is a great tune to accompany my weekend strolls.

10. ‘Preacher‘ by Trevor James and the Perfect Gentleman – this is a local Toronto band whose lead singer is one of my old coworkers and the drummer is one of my favourite people around! I’m a proud supporter of this band and if you’re in the Toronto area on May 30th, come check them out at The Horseshoe Tavern! Also, buy their album ‘Huron‘ – I promise you won’t regret it.

Saturday Music

As mentioned in my first post, I’ve been going through a huge Gavin DeGraw phase.  You know when you like an artist but you kind of forget about them then all of a sudden, something happens in life where you get pushed back? Yeah, that happened.  And I’m not talking Gavin DeGraw during his One Tree Hill fame – if you haven’t heard any of his music aside from “I Don’t Wanna Be” or you’re judging this post on that one song, then hear me out.  Because, I hate that song.  But the rest of his work is amazing and I feel like I can relate with basically every song he has.  So, on this fine and cloudy Saturday (PS it’s August and I have to wear a sweater outside and I love it), I’ve complied my favourite songs (one from each album or live set).  Enjoy!

Album: Chariot
Year: 2004
Song: Follow Through

Album: Gavin DeGraw
Year: 2008
Song: She Holds a Key

Album: Free
Year: 2009
Song: Lover Be Strong
Note: I actually have three favourites on this album and it was almost impossible to pick my number one so as a very close second and third, I highly recommend “Mountains to Move” and “Waterfall”

Album: Sweeter
Year: 2011
Song: Radiation
Note: This is from his studio album but this video is too good not to share.

Album: Sweeter (Live)
Year: 2012
Song: I Need a Dollar / Chemical Party

Album: Make a Move
Year: 2013
Song: Leading Man