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What is LipSense?!

If you searched #LipSense on Instagram, I promise you, you’d be lost in a black hole of lipstick selfies and videos of how amazing this stuff is. Seriously, go try it right now and come back …

… Okay – welcome back! Are you sold yet? Erm, okay. The videos themselves almost sold me on their own but I had to try it myself. As I said in my last post about SeneGence and LipSense, this stuff is seriously as good as it looks on Instagram. And no, I’m not just saying that because I can sell it to you. I also wouldn’t sell a product I didn’t believe in. Goodbye lipstick bleeding or getting on your teeth. Goodbye reapplying every time you touch your lips together. Let me give you the quick rundown on the pros, then leave you with a hilarious video to watch. Promise you’ll read this and not skip right to the video *winky face*.

  • 36 Colours to Pick From – you heard me, ladies, there are lots of LipSense colour options and even more if you start mixing shades. Some of the amazing ladies on my team have started making dupes of some ‘best selling’ shades (like Whirl by MAC and some Kylie Lip Kits colours, to name a few). I promise there’s one for everyone (Bella looks great on everyone).
  • Long Lasting – it’s waterproof, smudge proof, kiss proof, smear proof, rub proof, budge proof … everything proof! It can last anywhere between 4 – 18 hours
  • Key Ingredients – no wax contents and provides a natural shield from the sun. It also contains tree peony root (calming effects) St. John’s wort (elevates moods and treats depression) linden (powerful antioxidant) and isodonis japonicus extract (soothe’s skin) … just to name a few

SeneGence as a company also has some great business philosophies, like:

  • No animal testing (yup, they test on people just like me and you)
  • No animal by-products
  • Use of naturally reoccurring natural ingredients
  • FDA approved ingredients
  • Made in ‘Pharmaceutical Grade’ manufacturing facilities
  • Made in the USA (Go, ‘murica’
  • Most products are Gluten and GMO free

If you want to talk to me more about the product, how it works, want to try it, think it’s a load of BS and want to prove me wrong (challenge accepted), comment below or contact me through my Facebook group!

AND NOW for the funny video I promised – enjoy!

Why I Decided To Join SeneGence

Multi-Level Marketing companies. MLMs. Pyramid Schemes. Scams. Network Marketing. Referral Marketing. Whatever you want to call them, I won’t sugarcoat and try to tell you that SeneGence isn’t one. Because let’s be real, it is. I joined a team of distributors and am part of her “1st downline” – if I have people join my team, they will be on my 1st downline and my upline’s 2nd downline. Yeah, it can get complicated.

There are lots of successful MLMs – Avon, Usana, Arbonne, Scentsy, Pampered Chef, Younique, just to name a few.

If you’ve been following my personal Facebook or Instagram accounts, you’ll know I’ve recently joined a SeneGence team and started promoting LipSense. I’m a lipstick girl – it’s my favourite makeup item! I’m always looking for a long wear, kiss proof, food proof, everything proof lipstick and finally found one that ticks all the boxes. THAT’S why I’m now a “SeneGence Distributor”. I love the product, I use it, and I wanted a nice discount for myself. Does it come with some added benefits? Sure, I guess.


I’ll say I never thought I’d be one to join a MLM so I want to explain why I did. (Sorry Jess if you’re reading this! She’s my ‘team leader’)

Here’s what I will do with SeneGence:

  • I will make an Instagram page + Facebook Group and a fun business name to promote what I’m doing (follow me @LipsInTheSix). This is completely free and the only thing it takes is my time. I can post when I want and don’t have to do anything else! Posting is simple.
  • I will update my Instagram + Facebook group page about the products
  • I will suggest and promote the product to friends and family if they ask about it or they want to know what I’m doing but won’t push people to buy it

Here’s what I don’t plan on doing:

  • I don’t plan to actively recruit people to my team. If I have friends and family that are interested in becoming a distributor and want to join my team, great. If not, also great! I didn’t join to start a downline.
  • I don’t plan on front loading on the stock. This is where certain MLMs can be a debt-inducing black hole. Some companies suggest you front load or buy a lot of stock before you have customers so you’re “ready to sell when they’re ready to buy” – while I get the concept, I’m not in this to make a ton of money so going far into the negative seems pointless. Shipping is fast in Canada and I have ways around front loading, such as weekly/monthly orders and only placing orders once I have payment
  • I won’t make this a business or my only source of income – this is great to fill my spare time, a little hobby project, and definitely helps me learn how to ‘grow a business using social media’ without investing a lot of capital into something. J and I would love to open a business one day and this is a great way to learn little things that work for a ‘new venture’

For right now, this is a great product that I personally love to use and the discount is a nice perk. Will it lead to more down the road? Who knows – I don’t think so but you can never be certain! Have you ever tried an MLM? What was your experience?

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